Super King Size Beds: The Lowest Prices In Clydebank & Glasgow

Clyde Bed Centre have the best choice of high-quality super king size beds & mattresses at very low prices. The showroom is in Clydebank, so we’re only a short  drive for anyone in Glasgow, Paisley & Dumbarton.

Super king size beds at low very low prices

Our bed shop has super king size beds beds starting at just £369 (king size divan + mattress)!

We have a great selection of British-made brands such as Dura, Birlea & Sleep Soul, alongside some cheaper options.

We have a useful size guide, which helps explain the difference in bed sizes.

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Is super king size the right size for you?

There are several things to consider when you’re buying a bed or mattress – and size will certainly be one of them. If you like a lot of space, are on the tall side or have to occasionally share with small children…a super king size bed could be the way to go.

What length of bed do you need?

We’d recommend to choose one that is at least 10cm longer than the tallest person. There’s nothing worse that trying to sleep with your feet to be dangling over the end of the mattress or having to curl up your legs.

A standard UK double bed is only 190cm (6ft 3”) in length, so anyone taller than 5ft 11” (180cm) should really go for one that is 200cm (6ft 6”) in length. A UK king size bed is 200cm long, as is a super king size –  so either of these options would be best.

If you’re a particularly tall person, some manufacturers manufacturers make beds that are 215cm (7ft 0”) in length.

Bed Sizes From National Bed Federation - Clyde Bed Centre

Is a super king size bed going to be wide enough, or too wide?

Most of couples in the UK still sleep in a standard double size bed, which is only 135cm (4ft 6”) wide. This provides each user with just 67.5cm or about 2ft 3” of space each which is less than a baby has in a cot! A standard double bed may be a bit tight for two people. With so little room to move, you’re more likely to disturb your partner every time you change position, resulting in a poor night’s sleep. However, some couples prefer to sleep in close proximity to each other, claiming that it improves intimacy compared to sleeping in a much bigger bed where you literally have to go searching for your partner! Lastly, when it comes to small children wanting to jump in with mum & dad, you may appreciate the massive 180cm width that comes with a super king size bed.

Although the diagram above shows two people sharing a small double (120cm or 4ft wide) bed, we would only suggest this size as an occasional bed for two people. This size would be more suitable for a single user, especially with UK studies showing that we’re getting bigger and heavier due to our diet and sedentary lifestyles!

Type of BedImperial SizeMetric Size
Small Single2’6″ x 6’3″75 x 190 cm
Single3′ x 6’3″90 x 190 cm
Small Double4′ x 6’3″120 x 190 cm
Double4’6″ x 6’3″135 x 190 cm
King5′ x 6’6″150 x 200 cm
Super King6′ x 6′6”180 x 200 cm

Buy Your Bed & Mattress Together

Advice from the National Bed Federation is to buy a super king size bed & mattress together, as the two are designed to work together. At the very least, changing the base of a bed will alter the performance and feel of the mattress.

Even worse, just swapping the mattress could result in a false economy, especially when buying a divan bed set. Using an old base could actually reduce the life of the new mattress, as well as affecting the support & comfort it was designed to provide. In some cases, mixing new mattresses with old bed frames can also invalidate manufacturers’ guarantees & warranties.

Celebration 1800 Deluxe Drawer Open

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